André y Dorine, Kulunka Teatro

A fantastic full mask mime play that I saw at London International Festival of Mime in 2012 -which by the way is still on this year until the 27th Jan. Possibly the best play I have ever seen, at least the most surprising. It is about Alzheimer’s, age and love. Old age was definitely a trend in 2012. Long may it continue! This theatre group is from Spain and has been touring with this work since 2010. Check out their facebook to see if they are on their way to a town near you. I’ll admit, I am a crier, but usually I keep it silent and pretend it never happened. I googled “emotional rollercoaster gif,” and found nothing suitable…so I suppose I’ll have to get the Friends code out: remember that time in friends when Phoebe -mime laughing and crying at the same time-…  I hope that explains it.


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